Children with constipation experience a lot of anxiety. Relaxation techniques may help to decrease anxiety.

There are many relaxation techniques available. There are even apps available for your cellphone to help you practice mindfulness, relaxation exercises or breathing.

Here is my combination of progressive muscle relaxation techniques combined with visualization and deep breathing. Use what works for your child and adapt it to your child’s age and abilities.

The child can rest on his or her bed while you read the following instructions:

  1. We are going to begin with your feet. Point your toes as far as you can. Feel the tension in your feet. Think of how your feet and toes are as hard as a brick wall. Now slowly relax the feet and make them feel as softer and softer, as soft as cooked spaghetti. Repeat three times. Breathe deeply three times before moving to the next area.
  2. Now tense your upper leg muscles-push your straight legs into the mattress. Feel the tension in your legs like steel. Let your legs become soft and relaxed like jelly. Repeat this three times. Breathe three deep belly breaths before moving to the next area.
  3. Do a sit up and hold the tension in the abdominal muscles. Feel how your muscles are working hard. Relax and let your whole belly feel soft and relaxed. Repeat it three times. Breathe deeply three times before moving to the next area.
  4. Push both arms into the bed while holding your hands in a fist. Feel how your arms feel like hard ice cubes. Relax the arms and hands and let them melt onto the bed until they feel soft. Repeat it three times. Now breathe deeply three times before moving to the next area.
  5. Pull a really funny face –clench your jaw, wrinkle your nose and close your eyes really tight. Feel how your face is tensed. Now let your face become soft like a pillow. Repeat this three times. Finish off with three deep belly breaths.

Children with constipation can benefit from relaxation techniques to combat anxiety. Try the above and #regainrelaxation