Today I would like to talk about spending a minute on your health. A minute that matters.

Eight reasons why you should spend a minute that matters

  1. One out of three women and one out of five men over 50 years of age might develop osteoporosis.
  2. The diagnosis of a disease usually happens when the disease has already been there for a while.
  3. Because osteoporosis is a silent disease, the diagnosis might happen too late.
  4. Most patients with osteoporosis only get diagnosed when they suffer a fracture.
  5. In many elderly patients, a fracture and its complications could spell death.
  6. The most common fractures occur in the thoracic spine, the wrist and the hip.
  7. Knowing your risk enables you to get the best treatment as early as possible.

What are the benefits of early diagnosis?

  • Early treatment will prevent bone loss.
  • Starting early with treatment slows down the progression of the disease
  • Help you modify your environment and activities to lead a full life.
  • Prevents unnecessary falls and fractures.
  • Enables you to go for bone density measurements  to track the disease

If you do have some of the known risk factors, wouldn’t it be better to know your risk and take action to fight your fracture risk?

I challenge YOU  to take ONE MINUTE of your busy day to complete a quick risk test for osteoporosis by clicking on this link

Make it a  minute that matters.

If you have a risk for osteoporosis, visiting your general practitioner might be a good start. Remember, even patients without many risk factors can get osteoporosis.

You can be referred for the proper screening tests by your doctor and start treatment before it is too late.

You can join forcces with our National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa by becoming a member. To read more about NOFSA, please click here.


What to do next?