Being pregnant is super overwhelming. And I know you are probably up to your ears in well meant advice. But I can narrow this down for you. Forget about what model stroller you want, which birth plan you consider, or your next sonar.

The best parenting advice I got while pregnant was:

Breastfeed your baby. It takes care of all your baby’s needs.

Why would I consider it the best parenting advice?

Ten reasons why breast was best

  • Firstly, breastfeeding was convenient. And even though I do not consider myself lazy, breastfeeding was the number one resting time in our day. It was the best reason to leave everything and focus exclusively on my baby. It was like breast feeding was the perfect way for the little one to settle into a deep sleep. And then I would doze off too! I still treasure those precious quiet times with my little one.
  • Secondly, we were so mobile from the early days after the birth. I would load my little one into the stroller, grab a blanket and the nappy bag and we would be off. We could feed whenever she was ready for a feed, and I did not have to prepare or pack a thing for the feed. One less thing to pack! Milk on the go!
  • Breast milk is the perfect food for a newborn. It is digested easily by the little tummy, causes minimal discomfort and contains no allergy causing unnatural components.
  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs and boosts immunity through the live cells in the milk.
  • Breast milk saves money. Its free, and environmentally friendly too!
  • Breast feeding protects the mother against developing breast cancer.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding suppresses ovulation and prevents pregnancy. Free contraception!
  • Breastfeeding helps mothers lose weight.
  • Babies that breastfeed have a lower risk of getting sick.
  • My  favourite thing about breast milk was, that its not just for feeding. Its just magic! Breast milk comes in really handy for minor ailments like skin rashes, blocked noses, and nappy rash. It is mother nature’s best kept secret.

My physiotherapist just happened to be my saving grace in those first few days of breast feeding. Get a PT on your team!

If you  have a  few #booby-traps in those early breast feeding days, please don’t despair!! There are many health professionals that can assist you in your breast feeding journey.




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