Do you find yourself nodding off during the day?

Do you spend the night tossing and turning?

Do you spend time counting sheep?

Struggling to get enough ZZZZZ?

Many people sleep too little, or wake feeling tired.

The relentless pace of life, high stress levels and excess screen time all contribute to poor sleep. Medical conditions like sleep apnoea, anxiety, depression and insomnia can make your dreamland a nightmare.

To regain your rest we suggest  :

  • Exercise in the day to improve mood and to aid relaxation
  • Avoid long naps in the afternoon
  • Get sunshine during the day to regulate melatonin
  • Go to bed at a set time every night
  • Keep the bedroom at a good temperature
  • Remove your television from the bedroom
  • Your bed should be comfortable with quality linen.
  • A warm shower before retiring
  • Avoid screen time/blue light for at least 60 minutes before bed time
  • Block out curtains will make the room dark
  • Avoid caffeine before bedtime
  • Alcohol is a stimulant and will prevent a good sleep
  • Deep breathing and whole body relaxing can assist with calming you down after you switch off the lights
  • Chamomile tea or a warm comforting drink before bedtime
  • Do a relaxing activity like reading or drawing before retiring.

If you still struggle to fall asleep, get up and do a monotonous activity like folding washing until you start feeling sleepy.


Muscle pains? Joint stiffness preventing you from sleeping?

Have your pain evaluated by your physiotherapist.

We might just be able to get you to a pain free dreamland sooner.


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