General Practice

Pain, stiffness and lack of movement or mobility,

can make life less enjoyable. Physiotherapists are trained to evaluate and treat many conditions, like back and neck pain, muscle tension and issues related to the spine. We can assist with work-related posture problems, and advise on office set-up and flow of your furniture, fittings, etcetera. Many call the latter ergonomics.

About Physio

Whether you call it physiotherapy or physical therapy, it is all about the science and discipline of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, aim at improving your quality of life, mobility and function, through examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention, being movement therapy and mechanical intervention.

Education, consultation, research and

administration complete the cycle of activities found within the physical therapy profession, in addition to clinical practice, as described above.

Physiotherapy services are often provided as part of multi-disciplinary medical interventions.

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I have a surgeon friend who always says to patients: “WHEN YOU CUT YOU CRY”  Not the most comforting words, but there is some truth in his statement. There is always pain with surgery. But what happens when the pain remains longer than anticipated?   WHY IS IT SORE? The  ceasarian scar looks healed. You […]

What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is leaking of urine, and you can not control it   Did you know that there are FOUR types of urinary leakage? 1 stress incontinence – Urine leaks out at times when your bladder or belly is under sudden increase of pressure; for example, when you sneeze, cough,laugh,jump or […]

  Do you find yourself nodding off during the day? Do you spend the night tossing and turning? Do you spend time counting sheep? Struggling to get enough ZZZZZ? Many people sleep too little, or wake feeling tired. The relentless pace of life, high stress levels and excess screen time all contribute to poor sleep. [...]

ITS WINTER TIME! Don’t you just hate it when you get the flu or a cold? I have made a list of TEN WAYS to prevent germs from making your winter miserable. Let’s call it the “winter survival strategy” – hope it helps! 1. Wash away germs before they get a chance to get comfortable […]

Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves a process in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system. The substance surrounding and insulating the nerve fibres is called MYELIN. MS damages the myelin and the nerve fibres. This leads to altered conduction of messages in the nervous system. The damaged areas heal with scar tissue – creating […]

You are pregnant. Your bump is growing every day. But what is going on in the ab-department? Normally your “six pack” muscles named RECTUS ABDOMINUS are lying in two rows running from your ribs up to your pubic bone and are only seperated by a thin line of connective tissue named the LINEA ALBA. During […]

Its a really awkward feeling. You really want to start supercharging your pelvic floor to improve your sex life, prevent leaking of urine and prevent sagging of the bladder as you age... BUT There is a small problem - you are not sure about where and how... You are not alone, only about 1 out [...]

It’s the tool all women’s health physios and bladder patients can use. The Regain booklet on “female bladder problems and physiotherapy” is a full colour booklet written in easy- to understand terms and illustrates concepts with diagrams and sketches all designed by a female graphic designer. It includes all anatomy, conditions and solutions in an […]

“A Physiotherapist assesses, treats and manages a wide variety of injuries including ailments from the fields of orthopaedics, neurology, respiratory and thoracic, cardio-vascular, obstetrics, sports medicine, paediatrics, geriatrics, intensive care units and general rehabilitation. Other medical fields and community care also falls within the scope of physiotherapy. “ (definition: HPCSA website, accessed 17 July 2017) […]

Bladder and bowel diary template

• If you experience leakage more in the night, try to cut out fluids for at least two hours before bedtime. Empty the bladder just before you go to bed. • If you experience more leakage in the day, avoid coffee, caffeine, fizzy drinks and spicy foods as they can irritate the bladder. Only drink […]

As a physiotherapist I have worked with many, many persons whose lives were changed unexpectedly by trauma, injury or accident. And I have often heard patients complain that when their physical body changes, they suddenly begin to realize how different society treats them. These stories break my heart. I was saddened the other day when [...]
Being pregnant is super overwhelming. And I know you are probably up to your ears in well meant advice. But I can narrow this down for you. Forget about what model stroller you want, which birth plan you consider, or your next sonar. The best parenting advice I got while pregnant was: Breastfeed your baby. [...]
Today I would like to talk about spending a minute on your health. A minute that matters. Eight reasons why you should spend a minute that matters One out of three women and one out of five men over 50 years of age might develop osteoporosis. The diagnosis of a disease usually happens when the disease [...]
What is osteoporosis? Its a progressive disease It is characterized by low bone calcium content It changes bone architecture It makes bones brittle and more fragile It increases your risk of breaking a bone Normal bone is filled with calcium, osteoporotic bone is "empty" #OsteoporosisFacts Three Osteoporosis Fracture facts The most common osteoporotic fractures occur [...]
Congratulations! When are you due? If exercise during pregnancy is good for you and your baby, why not do something to benefit both of you? The most recent guidelines recommend that healthy pregnant women should get exercise for the duration of their pregnancy, unless medically advised not to do so. Recommendations include e.g. the following, [...]